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The Easiest GIMP Book You'll Ever Own

"How to GIMP" is an and easy to understand GIMP ebook that's perfect for beginners. Now it really is easy to learn GIMP.
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How to GIMP
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Whether you get the PDF GIMP book available here, or the Kindle Friendly version of How to GIMP on, How to GIMP is more portable, and more affordable than traditional GIMP books.

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Easy to Understand

This is one GIMP book that's really for beginners. It's easy to read and understand even if you've never used GIMP before. Click Here to take a peek inside the book.

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Tools for Success

Step-by-step instructions, full color screen shots of GIMP in action, and over 30 high quality practice images make learning GIMP a breeze. Click Here to see some of the free practice photos.

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No Steep Learning Curve

Each chapter builds on the last. That means you learn GIMP efficiently and quickly, without the steep GIMP learning curve. Click Here to see the Table of Contents.

GIMP Book Download
GIMP Book Download

What Readers Think of this GIMP Book

I’m delighted with your book. The layout is brilliant and each step by step explanation is just perfect. In the past I’ve had computer books for ‘Dummies’ and the ‘Brilliant’ books but your Before and After [now How to GIMP] book is a master stroke in its simplicity. So very easy to understand and follow.No more frustration!
Tom -
I just downloaded your eBook, "Before and After" [now How to GIMP]. I've already learned a few things this evening. Thanks so much for this easy to follow book. I've been wanting to learn GIMP but just dreaded the "learning curve". Now it doesn't seem so daunting!
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