Ebook Download Help



If you’re having a problem getting your book, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. I know firsthand how annoying it is when you don’t get an ebook right away, especially when you just paid for it.

The good news is, I’ve never encountered a download problem that couldn’t be solved. If all else fails, I’ll issue a full refund. But, I really want you to get your book so you can start learning GIMP. So, if you’re having a problem, let’s try to fix it!

Trouble downloading a PDF file can be caused by a lot of things. There might be a problem with the download link, or there may be a problem with your computer, or internet connection.

Because download problems are so frequently caused by these easy to fix issues, please take a minute to work through these troubleshooting steps. I provide support personally (I don’t outsource at all) and I want to provide the best support that I can for anyone who has a problem. This page is the best way to get that support. If you’ve gone over this page and you still have a problem, please get in touch via the contact form and I’ll be happy to help.



Now, let’s figure out where the problem is…



  1. The book will not download to your computer.
  2. The download link expired before you could successfully download the book.
  3. You can’t find your download link.

1. The book will not download to your computer.

There are a lot of reasons a download link might not work correctly. Lets work through some common issues, starting with the easiest to solve

  • Copy and Paste the Link

    Sometimes email services will do funny things to links, and you may be able to solve the problem by simply copying the link and pasting it into a new browser window.

    • Highlight and copy the link in your email, and open a new browser window.
    • Paste the link into the address bar of the new window and hit Enter.
    • If this technique works, the download should start automatically.
    • If this doesn’t work, move on to the next option.
  • Right-Click and Save

    Again, sometimes email services, and browsers do funny things to links. If your download doesn’t start immediately when you click the link, or paste the link into a new browser window, you can try the “right click and save” method.

    • Right click* on the link in your email. A mini menu of options will appear. *If you’re on a Mac, you can ‘right click’ by pressing Control and clicking at the same time, or (if you’ve enabled the option) by using a two-finger tap on your trackpad.
    • For Mac, choose the option that says ‘Save Link As’.
    • For windows choose the option that says ‘Save Target As’.
    • Your download should start automatically. If it doesn’t, move on to the next option.
  • Try a different browser

    • Some browsers behave strangely for no apparent reason. (I’m looking at you, Internet Explorer.) Switching to a different browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari will often solve those annoying unsolvable problems.
    • Firefox and Google Chrome are both free, and if you’re using a Mac, Safari comes pre-installed. If you don’t have one of these already, you can download Firefox here, or Google Chrome here.
    • Navigate to your email using one of these alternative browsers, and try using your download link again.
    • You can try the Copy and Paste method, and the Right-Click methods mentioned above if clicking on the link still doesn’t work.
    • Your download should begin immediately if the problem is solved.
    • If your download doesn’t start, move on to the next step.
  • Make sure there is enough room on your computer.

    • If you don’t have enough room on your hard drive, your computer won’t let you download the book. Please make sure you have enough room for the book PDF, and the sample images.
    • The book is around 12MB (Megabytes), and the sample images total 16MB.
    • You can check how much free space you have on your computer by following the steps here for Windows users, and following the steps here for Mac users.
    • If you do not have enough room, please clear some space on your hard drive by removing some files. Images and movie files take up a lot of space, so it’s a good idea to move those to an external hard drive, or ‘thumb drive’ to free up a lot of space fast.
  • Check your internet connection

    • If your internet connection isn’t up to snuff, your download might stop half way through, seem to ‘hang’ for a long time, or it may never start at all.
    • It’s not a good idea to try to download files with an iffy connection. Places like busy coffee shops, airplanes, and trains will often have slow or intermittent connections.
    • If you’re downloading at home, you may still have trouble if you’re using a dial up connection, or if there are a lot of people using the internet at the same time, especially if people are listening to internet radio, or watching streaming movies.
    • If your connection seems to be the problem, and you have a laptop, you can try finding another location with internet access. While coffee shops can sometimes have a very bad connection, they can also sometimes have a great connection (especially during ‘slow’ times of day). A friend may also have a stronger connection, and might let you mooch a little of their internet for a few minutes.
    • If you don’t have a laptop, you can try borrowing a friends computer to download the file, transfer it to a thumb drive, then move it to your computer.
  • If you use a Download Accelerator, turn it off

    Download accelerators are third party programs (meaning it probably didn’t come pre-installed on your computer) that break up files into smaller chunks while they download. Then the program puts the pieces back together once you’ve got them on your computer. They can make downloads on slower internet connections (like dial-up) go faster, but they can also prevent your ebook download from downloading at all. If you have a program like this installed on your computer, it should be disabled before you attempt to download the book.

  • Do a search on your computer for the book’s File Name

    It’s possible that the book was actually downloaded to your computer successfully, but it’s not where you’re looking for it. To make sure the book wasn’t downloaded to a different folder or directory than normal, do a search for the book’s file name: How-to-GIMP-PDF-05-07-13.pdf. Copy the name here, and paste it into your operating system’s search bar (not your browser’s search bar). For instructions on searching your Windows 7 computer for files, click here. For Windows XP click here. For instructions on searching your Mac, click here.


2. The download link expired before you could successfully download the book.

Your book download link will expire after 9 download attempts. This is a security feature of the file delivery service I use, and unfortunately I can’t turn it off.

If you can’t successfully download your book in 9 attempts, though, you’re probably experiencing one of the problems that’s listed above (your email service messed up the link, your internet connection isn’t reliable, you don’t have enough space on your computer, or the book actually did download successfully, it’s just not where you normally look for downloads on your computer).

I can re-set your download link if it expired before you were able to download your book. Please do a search for the file on your computer (instructions above) before asking for a link re-set. If the book is nowhere on your computer, just use the contact form and I’ll re-set the link. Then make sure you’ve addressed any of the above issues before trying to download the book again.

3. You can’t find your download link

You actually have access to more than one download link.

Immediately after your purchase you will be taken to a page that contains the download link. You can download the book from that page.

The download link is also sent in a separate email with the subject line “How to GIMP Ebook Purchase”. Please check your inbox and Spam folder for that email.

You will also receive a purchase confirmation email with the subject line “Your How to GIMP Purchase” that contains a link to view your order details. That link will take you to the same download page that you saw immediately after purchase, and you can download your book from there if you like. Please check your inbox and Spam folder for that email as well.

Please Note: Your book download links will be sent to the email address PayPal has on file. Please make sure you are checking the correct email account.

If you purchased the book with an eCheck through PayPal, the book download link will become available as soon as your payment clears (usually about five days). If your payment does not clear, you will not receive a download link.

If you still can’t find your download link after checking your inbox and spam folders, or if you do not have access to the email address PayPal has on file, please email me via the contact form and include your PayPal transaction number (it’s in your receipt from PayPal) and the email address you would like to use in the message. I’ll re-send your download link to that email address.


While I hope it doesn’t come to this, I’m more than happy to give you a refund if you can’t get your book.

Please keep in mind that I handle all requests for support, and refunds on a case by case basis. This isn’t an automated or outsourced process, so please allow me some time (normally no more than a day or two) to get back to you.