Book Extras

Book Extras

How to GIMP

If you’re looking for the book, you can learn more about it, and purchase it from the GIMP Book page.

How to GIMP Practice Image Pack

There are over 30 high quality images that are free to use with the How to GIMP ebook. You can download those images by clicking this link.

The process for downloading a file from a link will vary between operating systems and browsers and your browser preferences. You may need to check your browser or operating system preferences to ensure you have internet downloads enabled.

Please note, these images are free for your personal use but you may not redistribute them. For more info on Copyright please see this page.

GIMP Brushes

I’ve created some stamping brushes for you to try out! There are two packs, one which includes dandelion brushes, and another with some random shapes that are good for creating stamps and practicing the watermark technique described in the book. Download them by clicking the links below.

If you need help getting these brushes installed in GIMP This Video shows how to do it in Windows, and This Video shows how to do it on a Mac.

Please note, these are not my videos. There are lots of free GIMP brushes available online that are way better than mine. I just wanted to put together some for you to get started. One place I love for free brushes is DeviantArt (which is safe for work for the most part, despite the name).

Working with RAW Files

In How to GIMP, I mention that there are some great benefits of working with the RAW file format if your camera is capable of using it. This article has more information on where to find free RAW file processors, and how to install and use them.


If you’re having trouble using GIMP, you can’t dock the Layers Dialog, or a tool isn’t working, the GIMP Troubleshooting Page will help a lot.

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