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16 Amazing Fonts For Commercial Use for Your Next POD or Graphic Design Project

16 Amazing Fonts For Commercial Use for Your Next POD or Graphic Design Project

I love a good font. Sometimes I download them even when I don’t have a particular use in mind. But there are times I really need a font that’s free for commercial use, and that narrows down my choices substantially. There are still some great 100% OK for commercial use fonts out there if you know where to look.

As you search for fonts, you must make sure to filter for 100% Free fonts, or Commercial Use OK, as “Free for personal use”, “Donationware”, “Shareware”, and “Demo” fonts may not be OK to use commercially.

If you need a free for commercial use font for your next project (for things like print on demand, t-shirts, crafts, or anything else you’re going to sell), I’ve taken some of the work out for you and collected 16 great options that are totally OK to use commercially.

Some of them are free (as in they cost no money), some come in bundles (seriously good deals!), and they are all 100% free for commercial use.


Summer Loving Hand Lettered Brush Font Collection

Get FIVE fonts in one bundle! This is seriously a great deal if you love hand lettered script fonts. The set includes Summer Loving, Summer Loving Sans, Summer Loving Regular Script, Summer Loving Brush, and Summer Loving Solid Sans.

Like all of the fonts in this roundup, these 5 are free for commercial use. So use them in your printables, t-shirt designs, and POD projects to your heart’s content!

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Silver and South Font Duo

Another font set, this duo includes a delicate script font and a nice wide classic serif to balance it out. The script can be a little hard to read in my opinion, so it’s best used sparingly. Let the serif font does the heavy lifting. Knowing that, it’s super nice that you get both in one set!

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Chloe Classic Typeface

Chloe is a bold sans-serif font with the sophistication of a serif. Its contrasting strokes make it easily read, but still delicate, and appropriate for a variety of work as display and body text.
Chloe is free for personal and commercial use, and I can imagine it on high fashion shirts, and bags, retro minimalist mugs, and lots of other print on demand projects.

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Apalu Font

Apalu font is 100% free from – meaning it’s free to download and use, and it’s free to use for any purpose you chose including commercial work. It’s a generally compact font with extra long ascenders and descenders making it look quite elegant.

Free Script Font for Commercial Use
Apulo Font by Khurasan on

Sweet Bread Font

A cute and cheerful, easy to read script font that’s perfect for your kawaii and chibi projects.

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Bebas Neue

A bold, all caps sans-serif font, slightly reminiscent of athletic style stencils but much narrower. Great for t-shirts, and anywhere you need a font that’s perfectly clean and legible.

Bebas Neue Font, free for commercial use font
Bebas Neue Font by Dharma Type on

Code Font

Another all-caps sans-serif font, this one comes in two weights, and has a wide geometric feel. It’s a really nicely made font with stylish touches that don’t overpower other elements in your work. I mean, just look at J, and those R’s. Swoon. It’s a great choice for fashion work, and it’s 100% free for commercial and personal use.

code font free geometric all-caps for commercial use great for fashion work
Code Font by Fontfabric on

NorthEast Font Collection

Four serif fonts are included in this collection including NorthEast Regular, Outline, Rough, and Additional.

This font collection is free for personal and commercial use, and I think it would be great in woodsy, outdoor, and nature themed products and prints.

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Enjoy Your Commercial Use Fonts!

That’s it! I highly recommend checking out both (and filtering for 100% free fonts!) and CreativeMarket for fonts that are OK for commercial use. There really are a lot of commercial use fonts available once you start looking, so make sure the fonts in your next project are OK to use for your intended purpose. Enjoy!

Digital Art News | How to GIMP Roundup

Digital Art News | How to GIMP Roundup

I consume so much info about photo editing, graphic design, typography, and other digital art topics throughout the week… it’s kind of crazy. Since I’m taking so much in, I thought it would be fun to curate a list of links from my favorite design and digital art tutorial and news sources.

Photo Editing News

This week published a post on creating a consistant visual style in your photography and post processing. If you find your style is all over the place (as I sometimes do!) their post might help.

Digital Painting News

My current YouTube obsession, Borodante, posted a tutorial/overpaint video on digitally painting night scenes. This guy is seriously entertaining, a master at Photoshop and other digital painting software, and has taught me more about light than I can even describe. His videos are seriously a must watch.

Graphic Design News

I’m a sucker for a good free font, and the good folks over at Free Typography wrote about a font called Mr Grieves recently. It’s a blocky, hand drawn, grungy font that’s free for personal and commercial use. That’s a winning combination for me. Looking forward to making a T-Shirt design or two with it.


Let’s wrap things up on an exciting note: in GIMP news, reported they received a $100,000 donation, which is sweet because that should keep development chugging while GIMP stays 100% free for you and me.

That’s it for the roundup. I hope you’re having a great week, and I wish you good fortune with any digital art endeavors you’re tackling in the week to come.