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  • [slider title=”Which version of GIMP should I get? Does this book cover GIMP 2.8.x?“]
    How to GIMP covers GIMP 2.6 and GIMP 2.8 including the micro versions of GIMP 2.8 (versions with a third number, like GIMP 2.8.2 and GIMP 2.8.4).

    You should get the latest stable version of GIMP that your operating system is compatible with. GIMP 2.8 is preferable to GIMP 2.6, but I know if you have an older operating system you may only be able to use GIMP 2.6. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to follow the book either way.

    There’s lots of information about stable versions, which version will work with your operating system, and how to find out which operating system you’re running if you don’t know, on the How to Install GIMP help page.[/slider]

  • [slider title=”This is great and I want to share it with the world. Can I post this book on my website and share a link to it?“]
    Thank you! But no, you may not.

    The ebook How to GIMP, its images and text, and the Sample Image pack, are the copyrighted work of Kat Landreth, and all rights are reserved. Purchasing a copy of How to GIMP does not include any transfer of rights or license, and does not allow you to redistribute the work in any way.

    Redistributing How to GIMP or the Sample Images without express written consent (which includes but is not limited to providing a public link to download the book on peer-to-peer download sites) is a violation of US Federal Copyright law.

    For more information about this please see this Copyright page.

    Sharing within a household is fine, but public redistribution is not OK. For example, if you bought the book and your partner or kids want to read it, that’s perfectly acceptable. But purchasing a copy and selling it in your Etsy shop would Not be OK.

    If you’re still unsure, please ask.[/slider]

  • [slider title=”Help! I can’t set up GIMP the way you did in the book! I can’t get the dialogs to dock to the Toolbox.”]
    Problems with docking dialogs are usually really easy to fix, but seeing the process in action seems to be more helpful than reading how to do it. So, I’ve made two videos showing you how to set up GIMP’s Toolbox with dialogs, and how to troubleshoot if you’re having problems with it. They’re under the Tools Not Working > Help Docking GIMP Dialogs section on the GIMP Troubleshooting page.

    If you don’t see the Layers Dialog, please go back to Chapter Two of the book and follow the instructions there.[/slider]

    or  [slider title=” I can’t find the Layers Dialog”]
    If you don’t see the Layers Dialog, please go back to Chapter Two of the book and follow the instructions there.[/slider]

  • [slider title=”I can’t download my book. My download link expired“]
    Again, this is usually pretty simple to fix. The problem is most often an unstable or slow internet connection, or that you’re using a download accelerator which can mess up the digital delivery process. I’ve seen a few other download issues too.

    I’ve written a thorough explanation of all of the download problems I’ve encountered and what to do about them on the Download Requirements and Ebook Download Help pages.. I’ve never had a download problem that wasn’t correctable by one of the methods that’s listed on that page, so please follow the link and try the suggestions before contacting for download support.[/slider]

  • [slider title=”I want to teach GIMP in my class, and use your book as the textbook. Can my school buy copies for my students?“]
    Absolutely! Educators get a 10% volume discount. Please get in touch through the Contact page to find out how.[/slider]

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