If you want to learn GIMP 2.8 as a complete beginner, but you have no idea where to start, this book is for you.

I wrote this e-book for people who hate technical jargon, and who need help learning the very basics of GIMP.

Get my e-book How To GIMP, The Gnu Image Manipulation Program for Complete Beginners now on Amazon!

Please note, this is an ebook and physical copies are not available at this time. The book was written for GIMP 2.8. There may be differences between GIMP 2.8 and the newest version of GIMP.

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  1. Does this tell how to move slides from one type to another, such as convert Ovation to Power point or leave in Gimp and still project it as in a lecture. I have a Driver Safety 4 hour presentation in Ovation that I need to make changes

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