Awesome Emails You Sent Me

Awesome Emails You Sent Me

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“I am not real computer savvy. If I can understand and follow it then anyone can. I have checked out several other books on GIMP. There’s no comparison. YOURS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST! So many thanks!!!!!!” -Gloria

“I just downloaded your eBook, “Before and After” [now How to GIMP]. I’ve already learned a few things this evening. Thanks so much for this easy to follow book. I’ve been wanting to learn GIMP but just dreaded the “learning curve”. Now it doesn’t seem so daunting!” -Laurianne from

“I’m delighted with your book. The layout is brilliant and each step by step explanation is just perfect. In the past I’ve had computer books for ‘Dummies’ and the ‘Brilliant’ books but your Before and After book is a master stroke in its simplicity. So very easy to understand and follow.No more frustration!” -S. Foster

“I bought your instruction book on how to work with GIMP … and I am delighted. I am only on page 40 because I bought it just yesterday, but I have already learned so much. I know that I will be able to work with, and improve my photos, very soon…I love your book and it is so affordable, it is amazing.” -M. Penick

“I have to congratulate you on your book “Before & After”. If all tutorials and manuals were laid out as clearly as this, we could all spend more time at tasks rather than learning…Well Done!” -T. Thornton

Praise from the Press

“Tutorials are easy to follow and simple to understand… It’s a great guide that really does tick lots of boxes … it won’t break the bank either.”

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