Help with GIMP

Help with GIMP

GIMP Troubleshooting

GIMP can be a pretty complicated program if you’re not already familiar with it, so it’s completely understandable if you need some GIMP help. Whether or not you’ve purchased the How to GIMP book, these troubleshooting tips and tutorials will help you when you get stuck. Click the link above to see the GIMP help troubleshooting tips.

GIMP Tutorials

If you’re already using the How to GIMP book, or you’re finished and wondering where to go next, the GIMP tutorials here will give you some additional skills to work on. Click the link above to see the GIMP tutorials.

If you’re not using the book yet, and you’re completely new to GIMP, these GIMP tutorials will give you an idea of what GIMP can do.

Keep in mind, most GIMP tutorials assume you have some basic knowledge of GIMP already. GIMP tutorials typically can’t list every single step and explain every last detail, since a GIMP tutorial like that would be pages and pages long, and it would be unusable for most people at that point.

If you’re brand new to GIMP there is a possibility that you will get stuck at some point, no matter how well the tutorial is explained. My best advice is to use your favorite search engine for help if you get stuck, or check to see if the problem is addressed in one of the GIMP troubleshooting tips.

Alternatively, if you really are brand new to GIMP, you might want to buy How to GIMP to build a solid foundation of GIMP basics. By the end of the book, you’ll be much better prepared to tackle online GIMP tutorials.

How to Instal GIMP

If you don’t have GIMP installed on your computer already, none of these tutorials will be much help. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get GIMP already. Click the link above for instructions on how to download the right version, and how to install GIMP.

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