When You Know How to GIMP

You don’t need an expensive program to get the job done.

These amazing photos were all edited with GIMP. That means if you know how to GIMP, you can try just about any effect with a free photo editing program.

Photos via Flickr. Click slides to see the originals.

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Thought you couldn’t learn GIMP?

Think again.

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How to GIMP starts from the very beginning. You don’t have to be tech savvy or have any familiarity with other photo editors to start learning GIMP with this book. How to GIMP breaks GIMP down into easy to understand chunks, so learning GIMP doesn’t feel overwhelming.
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GIMP the Easy Way

how to GIMP made easy
You can learn GIMP the hard way, struggling through online tutorials and learning by trial and error.
Or, you can learn how to GIMP the easy way, with an easy to read and easy to understand GIMP book.

Real People are Crushing the GIMP Learning Curve

You can learn GIMP, even if you’re not tech savvy.

I’m delighted with your book.

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The layout is brilliant and each step by step explanation is just perfect. In the past I’ve had computer books for ‘Dummies’ and the ‘Brilliant’ books but your … book is a master stroke in its simplicity. So very easy to understand and follow. No more frustration!”

-Tom tomndi.blogspot.com

Thanks so much for this easy to follow book.

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I’ve been wanting to learn GIMP but just dreaded the “learning curve”. Now it doesn’t seem so daunting!


Ready to Finally Know How to GIMP?

To find out more about How to GIMP the book click here.

Learning how to use a powerful free photo editing and graphic design program is just a few clicks away.

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